Monday, 12 September 2016

Mackay escorts

he classic Ford Lotus twin cam engine was made and built during the first 1960s, this highly successful engine powered an endless selection of cars to victory in numerous categories of motor sport around the world. The leading powerful engine tuners of times were quick to modify the twin cam engine to enhance & enhance the performance of the free revving four-cylinder engine. High end race engines are often prepared with no expense spared, usually, a dry sump lubrication system is installed to boost reliability & longevity, and to market lasting performance. escort Mackay
The twin cam engine was used to power several cars, namely the Lotus Elan, Lotus Cortina, Ford Escort, to call several, these powerful cars were quickly purchased by enthusiasts for spirited everyday driving, as well as for weekend motor sport events. But unfortunately, the phenomena known as twin cam oil surge quickly reared its ugly head when enthusiasts competed on race circuits in normal road cars. Severe oil surge can destroy a motor in a couple of seconds when the oil pump is starved of oil! Amongst the many published books that handle the rebuilding & restoration of the classic lotus élan and the twin cam engine, only a few books give mention of the oil surge problem associated with the twin cam engine, they also don't outline what the lotus owner may do to solve the oil surge problem. Probably the lotus twin cam owner is expected to just accept the oil surge problem as being normal. Escort Engine
But that's a hard action to take when you consider the consequences of severe engine bearing damage that oil surge can lead to. If you intend to race your élan, or take part in club level sprint events, then it will be a wise move to do something positive about oil surge. For only a few dollars worth of sheet metal, some careful fabrication work, and some careful installation, the oil surge problem may be solved once and for many, the sump baffle modification work is not difficult to complete, and if you have the skills and mechanical ability to carry out the work on your own; the fabrication cost is likely to be extremely low. 
A brand new "How To Manual" provides detailed instructions about all facets of sump baffle fabrication; it's a mix of several sump baffle oil control methods and ideas which includes been expanded & refined to detail and instruct the house twin cam engine mechanic about how to construct a specialist anti oil surge sump baffle. With a little nous, a highly efficient low cost baffled oil pan/sump for the Ford-Lotus Twin Cam Engine may be constructed. This excellent sump baffle design can be placed on a great many other makes of inline four and six cylinder engines.
Commercially made baffled oil pans can be found for the twin cam, plus a great many other engines, but the average enthusiast may not want to invest; $600-$800 US or maybe more to solve the issue, and why would you whenever you spend significantly less than $20.00 to purchase some sheet metal, which you can then fabricate into a brilliant sump baffle design which can be quite straightforward to integrate into the typical twin cam sump pan. The baffle design illustrated in the manual has been fabricated & built from ideas gleaned through discussions with motor sport competitors. That is great information for the serious Ford Lotus twin cam enthusiasts who will continue to keep, rebuild & operate this all-time classic twin cam engine.

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